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FRENCHLOVER TV is the first channel to focus on sexual education for adults. Our interactive programs are designed to provide adults with the opportunity to discover or better understand sex, a complex subject.

At FRENCHLOVER TV, we work with the best professionals in the business in order to broadcast original and quality programming. For instance, in April 2008, Ovidie, who the media refer to as “the intellectual” of pornographic industry and who has written many sexuality guides and is now directing adult movies, took the helm of our production department.

In 2009, FRENCHLOVER TV has started producing ambitious and unusual movies such as "Stories of Sexe(s)".

With this movie based on an original screenplay, FRENCHLOVER TV is willing to offer a new genre: a cinema showing explicit sex but freed of pornography codes and rules of the adult industry.

Several elements have proved that our approach is valid and that there is a real demand from an adult audience for explicit and original movies which are based on real scenarios.

Indeed, during the festivals and private screenings, where Stories of sexe(s) has been released, the film was widely acclaimed by the audience, especially the female one.

13th of October 2009: first release at mk2 bibliothèque in Paris
24th of October 2009: screening at Berlin porn film festival
19th of november 2009: projection of the film at Bordeaux University for a conference”Pornography and its industries”
18th of december 2009: screening at The bel air,independant movie theather in Mulhouse
February 2010: screening at cinekink festival in New York
20th of June 2010: screening at Paris porn film festival
1st and 2nd of october 2010: screenings at Dakiling cultural center in Marseille

Besides, its broadcasting in April 2010, on Canal+, a famous French pay Tv, has confirmed this success with significant benefits:

  • +300% of women,
  • a very low dropout rate (the audience stayed until the end unlike the porn movies where the stall is almost complete after 12 minutes),
  • the best audience share on the edge after midnight for 3 years.

All these results encouraged us to persevere in our approach and willingness to produce films showing a realistic and explicit sexuality.

So, in this context we decided to support and produce this second draft infidelity.

Why the theme of infidelity?

Firstly, because today it is the great existential question of the couple: how to maintain and sustain its couple throughout the years? How to maintain the desire and envy? Deceive and lie or say everything?...
Moreover, simply because infidelity is a true subject of comedy synonymous of situations we can all identify with.
With Infidelity, we want to revisit this topic with a real comedy that would present imperfect characters as we can all be. Some people at the same time who are sincere in their quest for happiness and pleasure but also with bad faith, touching and funny.
We are delighted to introduce this movie :simply an entertaining film, featuring the complexity of relationships and dealing with sexuality freely.

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